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Year 3 Home Learning

Week 2


Hopefully this is the last week of home learning we will be doing. You have all done an incredible job with joining live lessons and completing the work we have set for you! Well done! 

We can't wait to have all your smiling faces back in the classroom next week. We will see you soon!


Keep up the hard work!



Spring 2 - Week 1


Welcome back to home learning, Year 3! We hope you had a lovely half term and managed to have some fun even though we are still in lockdown. Please find everything you need for this week's home learning below, and remember to contact us using the email address if you need any help or to send us some of your lovely work!

Happy Half Term


Dear parents, 


We would like to say a huge thank you for all of your support with the home learning we have been providing. We hope you all enjoy the half term and come back relaxed and ready for getting straight back into learning!


Please enjoy the half term activities we have provided!


Many thanks, 


The Year 3 Team

Learn about the tradition of Mardi Gras and decorate your own mask!

Mrs Pippard's Half Term Activity Ideas

Week 6


Well done to everyone for making it to the last week of the half term! We are so proud of you all for doing so well with your home learning up until this point. Hopefully we will be back in school soon! But until then, please keep enjoying our home learning and keep joining our live meetings as it is great to see your smiling faces everyday.

Remember, although it can be hard to do your learning at home because there are many distractions, we do expect you to keep up your key skills and complete the work as you would in school.


Thank you, 


Miss Nicholls and Miss McCubbin

Reading Challenge Completed!

Week 5


Welcome to Week 5 of home learning! We are so proud of the effort every single one of you is putting in to working at home and we love getting pictures of your work so please keep that up!

Remember to keep practicing your reading, times tables and handwriting every day.


Stay safe!


Miss Nicholls and Miss McCubbin

Nonsense Poetry

Still image for this video

Switch Off Lights Competition!


As a school, we are running a competition for the best 'Save Energy - Switch Off Lights' poster. A child from each Key Stage will be chosen and will receive a trophy and art pencils. Entries can then be emailed to the year 3 email address.


See below a video explaining climate change to children and a poster example:

Week 4


We just want to say what an amazing job all of Year 3 are doing with their home learning! We are so proud of the motivation we have seen from the children and the lovely work we have been sent. Keep up the good work!

As a reminder, please remember that you should also be focusing on key skills by practicing your times tables, spellings and handwriting everyday! You should also be reading everyday, this can be independently or with an adult. 


We look forward to seeing you on our live meetings this week!


From Miss Nicholls and Miss McCubbin

Starlight Sailor

Still image for this video

Reading Challenge!


Join our Year 3 reading challenge by completing the challenges on the bingo sheet below! When you have completed all of them, you will win a prize! Send in pictures of you completing the challenges and we will put them on the website.

Good Luck!

Well done Willow! You won the Year 3 Times Table Battle!

Blue Peter Badge Challenge!


As a school, we would like to challenge the children to win a Blue Peter badge. Have a look at the leaflet below to find out which different colour badges you could win and what you need to do to earn them.

Week 3 Home Learning Pictures


Find pictures of the home learning that has taken place this week on the class pages!

Week 3 


Thank you to everyone who has helped us with sorting out Teams so we can have more face to face contact. We really appreciate your support in helping your child access the video calls to help with their learning. 

Please find pictures of last week's home learning on your child's usual class page. 

You should find all you need for Week 3 below, if you have any questions or issues, please contact us via the Year 3 email address. 


Thank you,


Miss Nicholls and Miss McCubbin

We are really excited to be able to offer some additional Remote Learning through Teams!

Home Learning - Week 2


Welcome to Week 2 of home learning! We can't wait to welcome you onto our live lessons starting this week, please join them if you can and do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance as usual.


We would like to reiterate the key skills that should be practiced daily including; times tables, spelling, handwriting and reading.


As always, we would love to see and share your work so please send us any work you are proud of to us at the Year 3 email address. 


Thank you,


Miss Nicholls and Miss McCubbin

PE Activities

Photos and Birthdays


For photos of home learning and birthday messages, make sure to check Whitebeam and Willow class pages!

Good morning Year 3s!


We are so sorry to not be welcoming you into school today but we hope you had a lovely Christmas break. Please find all that you will need for home learning on this web page, we will be uploading videos, and other things to support you as much as we can.


You will be able to contact us via the Year 3 email address which has been reactivated and we will be manning it during school hours. 


Please can you keep checking this page for updates.


Many thanks, 


Miss Nicholls and Miss McCubbin