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Preston C of E Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSCD)

Our children have the ability to reflect on their beliefs through a number of ways. We hold daily Collective Worship sessions, assemblies, prayers and services at the local church, St.James.


  Rev. James Assembly.



We instill high standards of behaviour in our school and encourage the children to act with compassion, thoughtfulness and care for others; this is reinforced through class rules and expectations, assemblies and our overall ethos of the school.  


We regularly welcome visits from our local PCSOs, Fire Service and other community workers to educate the children about their moral responsibilities.



Children are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers and members of the local community.  During Huff & Puff sessions, Year 6 work with KS1 to role model positive play.  We give children the skills necessary to manage conflicts, and adults demonstrate as part of their every day practice.


We provide an array of after school clubs to develop children's interests.  Clubs include activities such as: table tennis, archery, art and crafts, eco, ukulele, chess, languages as well as many other seasonal sporting clubs offerings.




Cultural Capital is embedded throughout the curriculum.  From the start of EYFS, our children learn about the world around them and diversity. All children are immersed in the cultures and customs of other countries through their curriculum and enrichment opportunities.  Examples of this includes: World Religion Day, Language Fair, African Drumming workshops, art experiences, Diversity workshops and their links with schools and communities in France.


Our Language Ambassadors leading country stations in the 2023 Language Fair.



French twinning association visit, Autumn 2022 with language Ambassadors