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Science Club (Year 3)

Welcome to our club page!

Shadow Puppets


We used our knowledge of how blocking a light source with an opaque object creates a shadow today! The children created characters and stories and showed their shadow puppets to each other.

Magnet Races


We taped magents to cars and used the magnetic force to push and pull the cars. We raced the cars on a track and then had a go at seeing who could finish a twisty track in the shortest time!

In honour of space week, over the last two weeks of science club we have been learning about the planets in our solar system and designed our own rockets or planet rovers. The children thought about which planet they were going to and how they could prepare their rocket to make the journey.
We had a wonderful first week doing forensic science and being detectives. We learned that our fingerprints are unique and even found fingerprints around the classroom using talcum powder, paintbrushes and Sellotape. We then used felt tip pens and coffee filters to show how even black pens are made up of different coloured inks.