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Family Learning

What is Family Learning?


Our Family Learning Lead at Preston Primary is Mrs Chislett.  


Family Learning is where both children and adults are involved in learning activities together and through these shared experiences the culture of learning in the family grows, and the children have a greater opportunity of succeeding in life.  Family Learning courses and workshops are funded by Somerset Skills and Learning. 



Throughout the year, Mrs Chislett runs a series of funded workshops and courses across the school:


Autumn Term:

EYFS - Literacy course (Block of 4 sessions)

Year 1 - Mask making workshop with visiting local artist

Year 6 - Internet Safety workshop


Spring Term:

EYFS - Literacy course (Block of 4 sessions)

Year 1 - Maths course  (Block of 4 sessions)


Summer Term:

Year 2 - Circus skills

Year 3 - English Boost course (Block of 4 sessions)


Here are some recent photographs of our workshops so far this academic year:

Reception Literacy Skills


Year 1 Mask making - October 2021


   Reception - September 2021



Why Family Learning is Important:

Family Learning at Preston Primary School helps parents and carers improve their self confidence and parenting skills and their ability to help their children learn.  Children benefit because parents become more interested and involved in their child's school life, learning how to support them more effectively.


Family Learning at Preston Primary encourages all the family to participate in life long learning; for some parents it can be the first step towards developing further learning for themselves or engaging in volunteer work or seeking paid employment.


At Preston Primary we offer day courses (Wider Family Learning) which are specifically designed to enable parents to learn how to support their children's learning during a 3 hour structured, interactive and fun session.  Parents and adults will be encouraged to spend time observing, listening and interacting with their child.

We also offer Family English, Maths and Language (FEML) courses here which are usually 10 hours in length but split over 5 weeks (2 hour sessions).  These are designed for adults to improve literacy, numeracy and language skills and to raise awareness of the vital role that they play in raising attainment levels by developing their child's ability, confidence and love of learning.  Parents and carers will observe the teacher, develop knowledge and strategies and then work with their child to apply new skills.


Parents will also find out what we teach in specific year groups, the different methods we use to achieve those objectives and also, more importantly how their child learns at school.  Tips will be given on how to help children at home, not only with homework, but how to develop skills during every day activities.


Feedback from parents:

I have learned to have fun with messy art activities.  I am now more familiar with the classroom environment in which my child works in each day. Year 1 parent after mask making day.

The part I enjoyed most was realising that I wasn't the only parent struggling with these issues.  It was a great course - plenty of information covered and where to go for more help. KS2 parent after Internet Safety course.

I have learned how easy it is to entertain and involve children with simple items, such as ribbons, feathers, bean bags, etc.  The part I enjoyed the most was doing the show and seeing children and parents interacting, having fun and learning new skills.  I can now use a uni-cycle and walk on a tightrope!  Year 2 parent after Circus Skills day.

I enjoyed spending quality time with my child in her school environment and being part of a fun and interactive day.  It is always great for parents to be invited to take part in the school learning.  Reception year parent after Forest School day.

Year 4 Family Learning - Weights & Measures