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Preston C of E Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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Family Learning

At Preston, our Family Learning Lead is Mrs Chislett.  


  EYFS Literacy course


For over 10 years, we have been delivering funded courses and workshops for parents, carers and grandparents to support children's learning; courses are always very well attended. 


What is Family Learning?

Family Learning is where both children and adults are involved in learning activities together; through these shared experiences, the culture of the family grows. Parents gain a better understanding of what and how things are taught in school, and how best to support their child at home.  Through these experiences, children and their parents develop new opportunities to help them succeed in life. Family Learning courses are currently funded by Somerset Skills and Learning.

Parents will observe the teacher, develop knowledge and strategies, and then work with their child to apply new skills. 


In addition, parents learn more about what is taught in specific year groups and the different methods used to achieve those objectives. Tips will be given on how to help children at home, not only with homework, but how to develop skills during everyday activities.


Courses are usually split over 4 weeks and give the parents chance to spend time in the school, building relationships with other parents and increasing self-confidence. The courses are also designed for adults to improve their Literacy, Language and Numeracy skills, and to raise awareness of the vital role they play as parents to raise children's attainment, confidence.



Recent feedback from Parents

Below is some recent feedback from parents who have attended our Family Learning sessions:

‘ It has been so lovely to see how my child learns in the school setting and interacts with his peers. It is a wonderful opportunity and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much. Thank you! ‘


‘ My child’s confidence has really grown over the 4 weeks and it has really helped me to know what is expected of her.’


‘ I now know how to support my child with their homework and what a lot of the new terminology means. The resources and worksheets to support have been so helpful. Thank you. ‘


‘ We will really miss getting together each week to learn together. I am going to attend further courses as it is really valuable to know how to support my child in the best way.’


‘ This course has given me so much confidence to help my child and it was lovely to get to know other parents better. ‘


‘ It was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only parent struggling with keeping up to date with how things are taught in school. My self confidence has really increased as I now know that I am supporting my child in the correct way.’


‘ These courses are so helpful and enjoyable. I felt I could ask questions and get helpful answers. Thank you! ‘

Autumn Term:

EYFS - Literacy course (Block of 4 sessions)

This course covers how to use phonics in reading and writing and how phonics is taught through helpful games and support materials to reinforce learning at home.


Year 1 - Mask making workshop with visiting local artist

This workshop enables parents and children to create a piece of artwork following step-by step instructions whilst working together.


EYFS - Small Motor skills and pencil control workshop.

Parents are offered a morning session workshop to improve their child's small motor skills by developing their letter formations and cutting skills required for the classroom.


EYFS - Forest School 1

This workshop takes place outside on the school field. A variety of Forest School activities are set up to introduce the concept of using the great outdoors as a learning space.


Spring Term:

Year 1 - Maths course  (Block of 4 sessions)

This course provides parents with a knowledge of maths in Year 1 alongside ways to support their child's homework.  Throughout the sessions, parents will cover the topics of: number, calculation, shape, money and time.


Summer Term:

Year 2 - Circus skills

This workshop provides parents the opportunity to learn new skills with their child in a safe, fun environment.


EYFS - Forest School 2

This workshop takes place outside on the school field. A variety of Forest School activities are set up to introduce the concept of using the great outdoors as a learning space.6


Year 3 - English Boost course (Block of 4 sessions)

This course gives parents the opportunity to work alongside their child to gain an understanding of the Year 3/4 curriculum with a special focus on the grammar terminology used in English. If offers valuable support for parents to support their child with homework.

Year 1 Mask Making

EYFS Literacy Boost