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Preston C of E Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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Digital Leaders

What is a digital leader?


A digital leader is a KS2 pupil, who has shown responsibility or potential leadership in regard to using technology safely and effectively. Their role is to support the use of technology, particularly internet-accessible devices across the school. 


What do they do?


A primary member of the school's Online Safety Group

Support the use of iPads and computers in school to support learning

Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.

Assist teachers and other pupils in understanding coding applications.

Set up equipment in classrooms for teachers.

Lead lunchtime or after school computing / iPad clubs.

Support teachers in using technology in the classroom.

Share expertise with other schools and at conferences.

Have a good understanding of how to stay safe with technology and share that with others.

Provide first line technical support in school.

Safer Internet Day

To raise awareness for Safer Internet Day, our digital leaders worked together to plan and deliver sessions across the school. In reception, we read Digiduck's Big Decision, which delivered messages about relationships online and explored how we should treat our friends both online and offline. In years one and two, we conducted an emoji fan activity. We read the children different scenarios and asked them to work together as a group to indicate which emotion they would feel if they were in this situation. Finally, in key stage two, we held a Safer Internet Day quiz based on different e-safety messages, which we then discussed with the class. 

Newly Elected Digital Leaders

This year, Preston has elected eight new digital leaders from years 5 and 6. We are excited to welcome these children into our online safety group to help us improve the use of technology across the school. 

Success for our 360 Safe!

An assessor from South West Grid for Learning visited Preston Primary to review the school’s online provision. The  assessor met with Digital Leaders, Staff and Parents to discuss the provision and the level of protection for users of digital technologies.

We were delighted to be told that we were successful with our submission, and that as a school we have established a culture which effectively addresses issues and risks, alongside encouraging a positive use of technology to facilitate quality learning experiences.

Online Safety Group Minutes

Work Around The School

Leading a computing lesson

As part of their role, the year 6 digital leaders ran a computing session for their class. They decided to run a lesson on programming a game on Scratch, which proved to be very successful!